Sunday, September 29, 2013

Audio-Technica AE2500

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Awesome Audio-Technica AE2500

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Best Price: $ 549.00

  • Revolutionary dual-element design Condenser and dynamic elements are contained in a single housing Elements are positioned in a perfect phase relationship Robust design provides enduring dependability on the road Integral 80Hz HPF switch and a 10dB pad Includes the AT8471 isolation clamp

The AE2500 features Audio-Technica's one-of-a-kind dual-element design. This revolutionary concept combines condenser and dynamic capsules within one housing, positioned in a perfect phase relationship - something that would be nearly impossible to accomplish with separate microphones! Ideal for kick/bass drum jobs, the microphone will survive extreme SPLs while providing uncompromising audio quality. The AE2500's dynamic element cleanly captures the attack transients of the beater, while the condenser element renders the internal tonalities of the shell and the instrument as a whole.

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Audio-Technica AE2500


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